Dear Friend,

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our campaign kickoff, for your dedication to our community and your support of me these past decades.  

This community means everything to me and my almost 20 years representing you have been full of energy, challenges, successes and engagement with you. As promised, I have delivered dramatically increased communications through all media channels, fully funded our schools, increased public safety and dramatically enhanced health and human services support. I have followed my passions by improving our education system and environment, focusing my business knowledge on economic development, revitalization, affordable housing and transportation, while connecting residents with each other.

The Mount Vernon District is vibrant and growing, with many new young families moving here, increased housing opportunities, more job options and growing businesses. At the same time, our seniors and family-focused core continues to be healthy and thriving. Helping each individual and our community reach their full potential goes to the core of my commitment to you. Together, we are beating COVID, Saved River Farm, accelerated the Richmond Highway corridor revitalization, opened the new Woodlawn and Lorton Fire Stations, opened the first county co-located Community Center, Library and Park, led the County’s Green Initiatives, and invested $100’s of millions in Original Mount Vernon High School, affordable housing units, new parks, public safety facilities, sidewalks, trails and recreation centers, with even more coming over the next several years.

These “Team MVD” efforts have required intensive listening, patience and persistence. Broad communication, kindness and relationship building are central to our success. I ask for your continued help, funding and involvement and I thank you for your continued trust and support.

Respectfully yours in public service,



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